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What if we can replace constant consumption of pain killers with a dietary supplement? At CBD Logik, we know what it was like to be in constant pain. Our founders experienced extreme neck pain, back pain, and even migraines because of sitting on a computer all day for work or because they had the courage to play sports with friends. Physical pain has always been the culprit for depression. In an effort to avoid taking pain killers on a daily basis, our founders started searching for alternatives. CBD was one of the supplement that they found very promising. Only two weeks after taking pure CBD as a daily supplement, it came to their attention that they haven’t been taking pain killers as they used to. 

After successful relief, our mission became clear. We need to provide the community with the best quality CBD for a price everyone can afford. CBD quality between different sites and shops varied a lot. Some worked better than others. The only constant, however, was their hugely overpriced products. If CBD is to be adopted, it’s prices need to be significantly lowered. That’s why our products is half the price of the popular CBD products out there. We are also committed on driving down the cost until it becomes affordably to anyone who is looking for pain relief. 

We look forward to reach to your heart and we would like to hear about your success story with CBD in hope we make this miracle compound mainstream.